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The Top Entry ball valve is a ball valve designed to completely close or open the flow of the transported fluid. The biggest advantage of the valve compared to a classic ball valve is that in the case of the necessary replacement of seats and balls, it is not necessary to disassemble or cut the entire ball valve from the pipe. Design with floating ball.

Ball and seat replacement is possible on site. Operating temperatures up to 400 ° C – soft-sealing or metal-to-metal design, minimum pressure drop.

Operating temperature: (-46 °C ÷ 400 °C) (-51 °F ÷ 752 °F)

Coating balls and seats:

CCC – Chromium carbide / TCC –Tungsten carbide

Stellite  / Chromium / Nickel


For detailed information on material design and dimensions, download our datasheet



  • Certificate EAC
  • European certificate CE