About us


Our comfort is important to us and therefore we provide or ensure comprehensive services which include:


  1. Installation of industrial valves and commissioning
  2. Dismantling of industrial valves from pipe systems
  3. Repair and maintenance of industrial valves and accessories – no place in the world is too far for us
  4. Service contracts
  5. Warranty and post-warranty servicing of industrial valves and accessories

 „No place in the world for us is not far enough.“

How to proceed in the event of a defect or failure?

Despite all the care we take in relation to our products, a defect may occur in isolated cases. In such a case, a complaint must be lodged about the defect or failure immediately. Before you do so, please read about the possible failures and possibilities for their elimination in the Manual for Assembly and Operation which you obtained along with our product. If it is not possible to eliminate the defect or failure, please contact us via the contact form here, or via the direct contacts to our specialists here..

What should be included in the complaint?

To speed up the entire process, please have the following information ready:

  • Type and serial number of the valve – which can be found on the product label of each valve;
  • Date of commissioning;
  • Description of the failure or defect found.
  • If possible, take photographs.