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About us

I.B.C. Praha spol. s r.o. was established in 1994 by dividing the business and service activities from I.B.C. spol. s r. o. Krnov, which was founded as a successor of the privatized plant Armaturka Krnov, which was part of the Sigma concern. For more than 25 years, we has been producing and supplying a wide portfolio of industrial valves to domestic and mostly foreign customers. The main customers are operators, EPC contractors and trading companies in the fields of oil and gas processing, conventional and nuclear power engineering, water and heat supply and the chemical industry.

The main production programme consists of ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves and other valves and filters. Thanks to our own development, design and production facilities, we are increasingly able to satisfy the specific requirements of our customers in full.

  • We manufacture industrial valves according to EN and API standards, and upon the customer´s request also according to ANSI standards, possibly GOST and others.
  • The entire range of products is certified for delivery to EU countries, as well as to Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

We are a synergistic team of specialists in the development, production and servicing of industrial valves for the areas of petrochemicals, chemicals, heating, gas, energy and nuclear power.

  • Thanks to the synergistic strategy, we rank among the most stable companies engaged in this field in the region. The high-class design, reliability and quality of our products, supported by our unique know-how and years of experience in the development and production of industrial valves, contribute greatly to this long-term stability.
  • The chosen strategy and proven stability provide a long-term guarantee of satisfaction, support and service for our customers. This is evidenced by our successes in supplying various industrial and energy sectors in many countries worldwide. A large proportion of these supplies are directed mainly to the European Union and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

“Large companies increasingly prefer us to global suppliers of industrial valves.”

In Moscow we have established official representation of the company, which helps to promote our production on the markets of the Eurasian Union, organizes and protects the interests of our company, offers technical consultations, and deals with issues of security and the fulfilment of our customers´ requirements.

We develop valves for our customers according to special requirements.

Development is carried out from drawing, through construction and prototype testing up to putting the approved prototype into production.

This process always includes a number of modern tools, and as early as during the planning stage we take into account the constantly developing technology, materials and trends.

The set processes ensure that the product which is being developed corresponds exactly with all the requirements which apply to it. It is needless to say that the product being developed always complies with the requirements of the standards and applicable legislation of the country of its use.

The objective of all of our development is mainly customer satisfaction, as well as practicality, reliability and the appropriate price of the valves.