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The production facilities of the company are concentrated in two locations:

mapa-cr-300x176The first location is the company seat in Jinočany, in the western part of Prague.

The production, assembly, pressure and special testing of valves to DN 500 (20“) is concentrated here. In addition to the production of classical valves, the development, production and testing of special valves and prototypes is also carried out here. During the production process, we cooperate with a number of renowned factories, especially from the areas of machining, and destructive and non-destructive testing.

The second location is in Krnov, the seat of the company Armaturka Krnov, which, as previously mentioned, is our sister company.

Armaturka Krnov represents a classic manufacturing plant which has its roots in the former SIGMA concern. This plant manufactures various types of valves and approved prototypes. With all available means, we constantly monitor the production process and the quality of orders entrusted to us.

Both companies constitute a stable basis for the production and assembly of a range of industrial valves and accessories.

Long-term relations with suppliers of base materials (foundries, forges, etc.) make it possible to meet the demanding requirements of customers and guarantee the required quality of deliveries. Our valves are used in a number of countries worldwide and we can take pride in the extensive range of products developed and produced specifically for very demanding applications in extreme operating conditions.